Features and exchanges of 1INCH crypto currency! Staking method / reputation / future potential

1INCH is a unique governance token created to revitalize the fast-growing decentralized exchange (DEX) “1inch Exchange”.

1INCH is also a token obtained by providing liquidity of a specific crypto currency (cryptographic asset) on the 1INCH exchange, and its currency value is skyrocketing.

This time, now of governance token of the topic of DEX aggregator ” 1inch (1 inch) of crypto currency features and purchase exchanges from,” ” of staking method – Reviews reputation, future prospects ” , including in will continue to introduce.

Let’s check how to utilize the top-class DEX exchange that can also be used for farming and liquidity mining and the future potential of the governance token “1INCH” ♪

What is 1INCH (1 inch) crypto asset (crypto currency)? | Features and mechanism

name1INCH (one inch)
Currency unit1INCH
Cryptocurrency ranking108th place (as of April 2021.4)
date of issueDecember 2020
Maximum number of issues1.5 billion sheets (1INCH)
White paper
Established management organization1INCH
featureAutonomous Decentralized Organization (DAO) ManagementVoting rights for “1 INCH Exchange”Instant governance function
1INCH Exchange official websitehttps://1inch.exchange/

The feature of 1INCH (1 inch) is the governance token of the DEX exchange “1INCH Exchange”, which is a highly transparent system crypto currency that allows holders to acquire voting rights and design protocols .

Since it is also a token for revitalizing the network, it is a unique token that has various roles and values, and is also used by “investors and advisors” to “securing assets for ecosystem development and operating costs”.

The appeal of “1INCH Exchange” is that it has introduced a system that does not allow users to trade at unfavorable rates, such as “decentralized DEX” and “front running prevention function”. We provide services that are beneficial to advanced users.

Like ” Uniswap “, 1INCH is also a token distributed as a mining reward to users who provide liquidity of designated crypto assets called “liquidity mining”, and its rarity as an exchange or coin is also attractive. It is a target.

By using a mechanism such as liquidity mining, the price of 1INCH crypto currency can be stabilized, which leads to the provision of a stable environment for related projects.

1INCH (one inch) crypto assets (crypto currency) | Future prospects seen from the chart

The future potential of 1INCH (one-inch) crypto assets is a crypto currency that has a high possibility of rising to the same price as UNI tokens, etc. because it is the governance token of the parent “1INCH Exchange”.

“2021.2.20” The current trading volume of the entire DEX exchange is “No. 6”, and the monthly trading volume is about 10% of the total, so it is growing steadily.

It is attracting a lot of attention from the market and investors, and it is also a leader in the DEX industry in the future, and it is expected that the number of users will increase due to the high merit of the “front running prevention function” of the exchange itself, so investment It can be said that it is a highly efficient project.

As a comprehensive evaluation as an investment target, the value as an investment target is high because it is a governance token of the place where the transaction volume of the DEX exchange is selected and traded by the user as it tells everything.

Since it is a token that has just appeared, it seems that the value of investing funds at the listing destinations of tokens such as Binance and MXC of major exchanges is a high priority compared to coins of global exchanges ♪

Top recommended crypto asset exchanges where you can purchase 1INCH crypto currency

1INCH Token Exchange | Binance

Exchange nameBinance
Number of currencies handled317 currency / transaction currency pairs 933 types (as of February 2021.2)
Transaction systemSpot Trading / Leverage Tokens / Leverage Trading / Futures / Staking / Saving / Token Sales (ICO / IEO)
Maximum leverageUp to 125 times
crypto currency circulation volumeNo. 1 in the world
Transaction fees0.1%

Handling pair

1inch / USDT / 1inch / BTC

1INCH coin | Staking method

1INCH staking | How to do it on the Binance exchange

The 1INCH staking method will be explained using the Binance exchange as an example, but the method on other exchanges will be the same, so let’s proceed while referring to it.

The purchase screen for 1INCH staking on the Binance Exchange is as follows.

  1. Select “Finance” → “Binance Staking”
  2. Select 1 INCH staking product from staking items

  1. 1 Select the “Type” of INCH staking
  2. Select “Staking Period”
  3. 1 Specify the “quantity” of INCH staking
  4. Check the staking procedure
  5. Check precautions and risks
  6. Select “Purchase Confirmation”
  7. “1INCH staking” product purchase completed

* You can redeem the locked crypto currency early during the lock period, but please note that a separate fee will be charged.

1INCH Exchange | How to use

Before using 1INCH Exchange, you will need a wallet such as ” Binance Smart Chain (BSC) ” or ” MetaMask “.

Please refer to the detailed explanation of “How to use BSC / Metamask” on the page of this site above.

1INCH Exchange | Token swap method

The method of automatically selecting the exchange that can trade at the optimum rate in each platform using “1INCH Exchange” and token swapping is as follows.

  1. Go to ” 1INCH Exchange Official Site “
  2. Select “Exchange” and connect to your wallet from “Connect Wallet”
  3. Select the crypto asset before exchange and specify the quantity in “You Pay”
  4. Select the exchanged brand for “You Receive”
  5. It will automatically select the platform that can trade at the optimal rate
  6. Check exchange rates and fees
  7. Completion of token swap with “SWAP NOW”

1INCH Exchange | How to provide liquidity to the pool

The liquidity provision method of the designated currency pair required for farming in “1INCH Exchange” is as follows.

  1. Select “DAO” → “Pools”
  2. Check “APY” and “currency pair” and select “+” of the crypto currency pair that provides liquidity
  3. On the “Provide Liquidity” screen, specify the quantity of pairs such as “ETH: WBTC” at a ratio of 1: 1.
  4. If you are short of funds or want to make a designated pair, make a designated pair with ” 1INCH Exchange | Token Swap (Exchange) Method ” and return in order.
  5. Check the “LP Token amount to mint” item that can be obtained by providing liquidity.
  6. Check the price in US dollars with “USD Value”
  7. Select “Unlock” and follow the instructions to provide liquidity
  8. Earn LP tokens according to the amount of liquidity provided and start farming

1INCH Exchange | Farming

The explanation of the Farming screen in 1INCH Exchange is as follows.

  • “DAO”-> “Farming”-> List of products you want to farm
  • “DEPOSIT” ・ ・ ・ Providing additional liquidity
  • “WITH DRAW” ・ ・ ・ Recovery of liquidity provided
  • “Claim” ・ ・ ・ Harvesting farmed 1INCH tokens
  • “EXIT” ・ ・ ・ Recovery of provided liquidity and harvest of 1INCH token


This time, we have introduced from “1INCH (one inch) crypto currency features and purchasing exchanges”, which is a governance token with the highest trading volume of DEX aggregators, to “how to use, future potential and word-of-mouth reputation”.

Since we are actively encouraging users to utilize the “1INCH Exchange” by distributing 1INCH tokens to users who used Uniswap, it is likely that the transaction volume will exceed Uniswap in the future.

At that time, you will be able to benefit from holding the “1INCH (one-inch) token,” which is also the original token of the “1INCH Exchange.”

Since the development of DEX aggregators is expected to be large in the future, first purchase 1INCH tokens at major exchanges such as Binance and experience high dividend farming with “1INCH Exchange” ♪

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