What is the crypto currency Super Farm? Future price, future potential, how to buy

“What kind of crypto currency is Super Farm?”

” Is Binance, a fusion of DeFi and NFT, a real project to watch ?”

Do you have any doubts?

For such people, this time, I will explain the following points.What you can see in this article

  • What is Super Farm
  • The future of Super Farm
  • How to buy Super Farm

Let’s take a closer look.

What is SuperFarm?

SuperFarm is a DeFi project that enables you to issue and trade NFTs (non- fungible tokens) without the need for programming.

Recently, the fusion of DeFi (decentralized finance) and NFT is becoming a trend in the cryptocurrency industry.

However, the factor that hinders this is “difficulty in attachment”.

To change the current situation where developers can’t handle NFTs without coding, SuperFarm aims to provide a platform where anyone can easily complete all operations related to NFTs .

Super Farm supports multiple crypto currencies with different blockchains (crosschain).

Features of Super Farm

In Super Farm, you can do three main things: “NFT farming  , “NFT trading”, and “NFT issuance” .

NFT (Non-Fungible Token) is a “non-fungible token”, isn’t it? You can issue and trade specific assets (from in-game items to real estate) as cryptocurrencies (NFTs).

With SuperFarm, NFT farming that brings yield farming (an operation method that earns interest income by depositing crypto currency) that is possible with DeFi to NFT is possible.

In addition, NFT transactions and new issuance are possible.

There is Uniswap on Ethereum’s decentralized exchange (DEX), but it has a function that can be said to be its NFT version.

What is the original token “SUPER”?

The unique token SUPER can be used as a voting right (governance token) to decide the policy of the Super Farm project.

In addition, it is used as a usage fee for SuperFarm.

You will also receive rewards for yield farming in Super Farm at SUPER.

What is the future of SuperFarm?

So what do you think about the future of Super Farm?

Super Farm is a “DeFi + NFT” project

The two themes, DeFi and NFT, are expected to grow in size over the next few years.

However, at that time, the problem is that it is difficult to attach. Rather, if this can be solved, there is no doubt that DeFi and NFT will become even more widespread.

SuperFarm aims to handle NFTs with DeFi without the need for coding and to allow non-developers to complete the operation.

Of course, speaking of NFTs, exchanges (marketplaces) by centralized companies are also influential.

Binance have announced their entry into the NFT platform one after another.

But on the flip side, this is evidence that the NFT space that SuperFarm supports is promising.

The trend of the times is more decentralized than centralized, so it is inevitable that projects like Super Farm will attract attention.

What is SuperFarm’s partner material?

One of the companies that has invested in SuperFarm is Blockchain Venture Capital Genesis Block Ventures (GBV).

We have also succeeded in partnering with game companies such as Animoca Brands , which is known for blockchain games of Motorsport F1, and Tower Franchise .

However, the impression is that there is a lack of alliances with major companies.

Although major companies (especially game companies that are compatible with NFTs ) have not yet entered the NFT itself, it will be an issue for Super Farm in the future.

Super Farm listed on Binance’s “Innovation Zone”

SuperFarm is already listed on Binance , the world’s largest crypto exchange .

Since SuperFarm is a new project, it may be surprising that it is listed on Binance.

However, Binance has a genre called “Innovation Zone” that deals with innovative projects that are still immature, and Super Farm is listed there.

Although there are many uncertainties, it will continue to attract attention as a crypto currency with high potential.

How to buy Super Farm

Super Farm is not available on global exchanges.

You can buy it at Binance on overseas exchanges .

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