Features and future potential of DAR, recommended exchanges where you can purchase DAR

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  • Overview of DAR (Darcrus)
  • Features of DAR and what we are aiming for
  • How Darcrus works
    • Customizable distributed network “Jupiter”
    • Mercury connecting public and private
  • The future of DAR

Overview of DAR (Darcrus)

Currency nameDAR (Darcrus)
Maximum number of issues50 million sheets
release dateJanuary 2017
Official sitehttps://gojupiter.tech/
Recommended exchangeBinance

Features of DAR and what we are aiming for

DAR is a crypto currency distributed in the ambitious project “Darcrus” using the “Mercury” blockchain that connects the decentralized application “Jupiter” and the public chain and the private chain, which was released in January 2017 . We aim to transform the shape of our current business into a more efficient and secure one.

How Darcrus works

Darcrus is a cryptocurrency project that focuses on the most important thing for a successful business: to keep sensitive information safe. We are trying to achieve this goal by using two systems, Jupiter and Mercury, together.

Customizable distributed network “Jupiter”

Jupiter is a decentralized network (P2P) that can also be customized. A distributed network is a network that connects all computers on an equal footing. Currently, the Web is dominated by a centralized network in which the server that provides information and the client that uses it are separated from each other, but in a distributed network, there is no distinction between a server and a client. Every computer provides and uses information as needed.

There are tokens called Jupiter tokens on the Jupiter network. This, unlike DAR, is not traded on crypto exchanges. Tokens will be provided after purchasing products based on these.

Mercury connecting public and private

Mercury is Weaves, a blockchain for communicating between public and private chains.

Mercury can carry out bidirectional cross-chain transactions from the Jupiter blockchain (private chain) to the Waves chain (public chain) and from the Waves chain to the Jupiter blockchain. Mercury’s system records the block hashes of all Jupiter blockchains in the Waves blockchain. This provides a strong bond between the two blockchains. By copying the private blockchain to the public chain, you can prove that no one has tampered with the data.

The future of DAR

At this point, I don’t expect much. There are already multiple projects that handle confidential information using blockchain, and it is a highly competitive world. It would be nice if I had the ability to win, but unfortunately the current Darcrus doesn’t seem to have that much power. It’s not very well known and its market capitalization remains low. If you have the money to invest in this, we recommend investing in other stocks.

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