What are Illuvium (ILV) blockchain-based game tokens?

The ILV token was created by the Illuvium team as a token that rewards players in a built-in open world RPG adventure game. Ethereum block chain.

What is Illuvium Cryptocurrency?

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  • What is Illuvium Cryptocurrency?
  • What is an ILV token?
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  • Frequently Asked Questions about Illuvium

Illuvium is an open world fantasy battle game built entirely on top of the blockchain Ethereum. Often referred to as the first real AAA game on Ethereum. The world of Illuvium is a world full of beauty and wonder inhabited by creatures known as Illuvials. From a visual point of view, Illvials goes far beyond cryptokitties. Token substitution is not possible. These illusions are designed as high quality 3D artwork by some of the top artists in the universe.

While adventuring through the vast landscape of Ilbium, players can capture Ilbial by defeating it in battle and returning it to good health. Illuvials become part of the player’s loyal followers and can be used in combat and other adventures. Some ilvirals, such as the one called Archelon below, have already been featured on the ilbium blog. Each Illuvial is also an NFT and all have a strictly finite supply.

Unlike other blockchain games, Illuvium players explore landscapes consisting of seven unique and stylized areas, build powerful Illuvials teams, or combine both. You can just spend your time. In addition, players can also earn Ethereum by selling Illivuials in exchange for Illuvium.

Developed since 2020, Illuvium has been created by over 40 professionals with extensive experience in the gaming and cryptocurrency industry. Illuvium is backed by well-known names in the industry such as Quantstamp, Moonwhale and Bitcoin.com Exchange.

What is an ILV token?

Illivium’s game currency is ILV. ILVs are used to reward players for in-game achievements, give players the right to share vaults, and are used for the governance of Illuvium DAO. The maximum ILV supply is set at 100,000 and will be assigned to flash pools, in-game rewards, liquidity pools, treasures, teams, lunchpad seeds, and pre-seed capital.

Illuvium game features

Form a perfect team

Let’s raise a beginner. Challenge yourself to be the best. Betray your opponents, fight back strategically and win the competition. Earn $ ILV and become part of community-based governance.

Huge list to collect

Huge list to collect

Over 100 Irbial live in this strange world. Each has a different affinity, class and ability. Capture them. Blow them up. Upgrade Illuvials to find more powerful forms.

Supported by blockchain

Save Illuvials to Shards. An elegant crystal chip that keeps the essence of living things inside. Compare your statistics with your friends and show off your rare collections that are brilliant, cosmic and holistic.

Say goodbye to GAS

Enjoy a new era of NFTs with the integration with Immutable X. Zero gas charges for peer-to-peer transactions using instant transactions while keeping your assets safe.

Frequently Asked Questions about Illuvium

Can the game be played on mobile?

You cannot start the game on mobile. However, we plan to build a modified mobile version as well as a console version.

Is there any information about yield farming?

You can create farm ILVs in two main pools. 1: 1 ratio ILV / ETH, USD value combination, or ILV only. 30,000 tokens will be distributed through agricultural production in 3 years and will be 10,000 tokens in the first 18 years. Only unlocked tokens can generate a farm with less than 10,000 tokens. In other words, you get as much reward as you can. Tokens can be locked for up to 2 years. This can increase the weight of the pool up to XNUMX times.

How do you place such rich and complex games on Ethereum?

Illuvium uses Immutable X as a Tier 2 solution. This means that you will not be charged for network gas in Illuvium. This keeps players low in the cost of doing business and maximizes their revenue potential.

When will the game be released?

Our engineers are working fast to build the game, and the open beta is due to be released in the XNUMX quarter or the second half of the 2021 XNUMX quarter.

What is SILV?

Stakers have the option to request tokens in the form of sILV, which is a synthetic token associated with the price of $ ILV only in-game. Similar to ETH, sILV can be used as a currency to buy in-game stuff such as Curing Shard, Skins, Enhancements and Travel. Unlike $ ILV, sILV has no grace period and can be used immediately as requested.

Note: Staking will be active before the game is released. Therefore, sILV has no immediate purpose until the game is released. There are two gas transactions because sILV must also be sent to IMX for use in the game. You can claim sILV immediately, but the stakeout interface will display a notification that it cannot be used for any purpose until the game is live.

What is the ILV Protocol Stakeout Pool?

There are two main pools (contracts) where you can bet tokens to receive additional $ ILV tokens, and a XNUMXth type (flash pool). Below is a detailed view of each pool.

  • ILV Pool – This pool contains only $ ILV. The pool weight is 0,2.
  • Pool ILV / ETH – This pool contains only SushiLP tokens. The pool weight is 0,8.
  • Flash Pool – Contains only partner tokens. These do not have a set pool weight (because there can be many different pools), but they are significantly lower than the other pools. Your goal is to provide people outside the $ ILV project with some exposure to it. Each pool has a pool weight that was advertised before it went live.

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