CTXC features and future potential, recommended exchanges where you can purchase CTXC

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  • Overview of CTXC (Cortex)
  • CTXC features and goals
    • How CTXC works
  • The future of CTXC

Overview of CTXC (Cortex)

Currency nameCTXC (Cortex)
Maximum number of issuesAbout 300 million sheets
release dateFebruary 2018
Official sitehttps://www.cortexlabs.ai/
White paperhttps://www.cortexlabs.ai/Cortex_AI_on_Blockchain_EN.pdf

CTXC features and goals

CTXC is a cryptocurrency that aims to develop efficient smart contracts on the blockchain. Since AI-equipped applications (search engines, news writing services, investment advisors, etc.) can be developed and published on Cortex at low cost, there is a great advantage for venture companies that have been hesitant to enter the AI ​​field. It is a mechanism.

How CTXC works

CTXC is an Ethereum-based decentralized application (DApps) development platform. A distributed application, there is no middle management people, such as Google and Apple, is an application that is managed by the block chain, not be removed in one-sided convenience of central management people, commission also requires only a very low cost points, such as Has been attracting attention and has been attracting attention recently.

In Cortex, as a general rule of open source, developers are free to post data to make AI machine learning. Other developers can use the published data to enhance the AI ​​they develop. With this mechanism, even venture companies and individuals who cannot secure sufficient development costs can develop AI at a relatively low cost.

The future of CTXC

At this point, I see some potential. There are many projects that combine AI and blockchain, but CTXC has relatively good progress .

However, the success or failure of this project is also easily influenced by the public awareness and evaluation of AI. At the moment, AI has some parts that are underestimated and some parts that are overestimated. One option is to forgo the purchase until this evaluation has settled down.

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