Features and future potential of NULS, recommended exchanges where you can purchase NULS

table of contents

  • Overview of NULS
  • Features of NULS and what we are aiming for
    • Attractiveness and problems of “DApps”
    • Assemble functions with multi-chain
    • Mechanism of NULS consensus algorithm “PoC”
  • The future of NULS

Overview of NULS

Currency nameNULS
Maximum number of issues40 million sheets
release dateSeptember 2017
Official sitehttps://nuls.io/
White paper– –

Features of NULS and what we are aiming for

NULS is a decentralized application (DApps) development platform for enterprises and is a token used on that platform. The biggest feature is that the blockchain is divided into several modules (parts).

Developers can create their own DApps simply by combining modules. Although it is very excellent in that it is possible to create highly convenient DApps without advanced knowledge, it is worrisome that there are many competing platforms.

Attractiveness and problems of “DApps”

DApps are apps that utilize smart contracts and blockchains and do not have a specific administrator. Traditional apps are made up of the management of a particular publisher. While there are many advantages such as being offered at low cost and high speed, there is also the problem of security opacity.

The appeal of DApps is that it is resistant to obstacles because the management bodies are decentralized . With decentralized management, DApps does not have a single point of failure that would cause an entire system failure in the event of a failure. Even if some troubles occur, you can use it without any problem if the others are safe.

In addition, since there is no management entity, there is no management cost, and the app can be used at a lower cost. In the past, app developers paid a fair amount of fees to admins, but with DApps, that’s gone and you can make more money.

Assemble functions with multi-chain

NULS employs a multi-chain that divides the blockchain into functions and combines them as needed, so app developers can develop a certain level of DApps without any programming knowledge.

Use NULS tokens when using the modules that make up NULS and when trading completed apps. As app development becomes more active, demand for NULS will increase, so we can expect price increases .

Mechanism of NULS consensus algorithm “PoC”

The NULS consensus algorithm uses a proof of credit (PoC). NULS also has its own warning feature for publishing applications. Since there is no management entity for DApps, malicious apps may be developed and published, but the warning function prevents it.

Developers eliminate offensive apps by locking a certain amount of NULS when publishing the app. Even so, if you publish an aggressive app, you will be warned that it is a yellow card or a red card, and you will be penalized according to its weight.

The future of NULS

It’s difficult to judge at this point, but it seems that we can’t expect much. There are as many tokens as there are stars to develop and use DApps, and the advantages of NULS compared to them cannot be seen.
If you don’t come up with something different from existing tokens, you’re likely to be buried.

List of overseas exchanges where NULS can be purchased

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