GTO features and future potential, recommended exchanges where GTO can be purchased

Future potential of GTO

table of contents

  • Overview of GTO (Gifto / Gift)
  • GTO features and goals
  • GTO and live distribution service “Uplive”
    • GIFTO protocol
  • The future of GTO
  • List of overseas exchanges where GTO can purchase

Overview of GTO (Gifto / Gift)

Currency nameGTO (Gifto / gift)
Maximum number of issues1 billion sheets
release dateDecember 14, 2017
Official site
White paper

GTO features and goals

GTO is a cryptographic asset that can be used on SNS in cooperation with the live distribution service “Uplive” that allows you to throw money on SNS. There is a deep-rooted need to directly support artists and content creators, such as the release of crypto assets that can be thrown on twitter, and that is the trend.

GTO and live distribution service “Uplive”

GTO has already implemented the live distribution service “Uplive” as a product. The number of registrants exceeds 20 million, and the market is worth 11 billion yen.

Although you can earn advertising revenue from video distribution services such as Youtube, the current situation is that you cannot ignore the risk that creators will not be able to earn as much as they want due to the circumstances of the management side. A system that allows you to “throw money” directly to creators can solve this problem. Creators who receive it can earn money by exchanging crypto gifts for GTO tokens and GTO for fiat currency .

GIFTO protocol

Already implemented in “Uplive”, the GIFTO protocol is as follows:

  • Fans buy crypto gifts on social media
  • Fans can send crypto gifts to creators
  • Creators can exchange received gifts for GIFTO

The goal of GIFTO is to implement the above flow on SNS other than Uplive. The series of flows is managed by the blockchain and is automatically performed by smart contracts. By eliminating troublesome procedures, the system is easy for users to use.

The future of GTO

I think the future of GTO is quite promising. It is true that there is a lot of competition. Bitzeny, XEM, MONA, etc. can be thrown on twitter. There are many crypto assets that have already implemented the money throwing function, so the challenge is how to fight them.

However, the legendary ICO’s track record of collecting 3.3 billion yen in just one minute is a bright material , and it is also strong that we have already implemented a product called Uplive and have produced results. Since many venture capital companies have invested, it is highly possible that they will grow steadily even if they do not win big.

It is important to update Uplive and improve the affinity with existing SNS. In particular, I feel that ease of use and easy-to-read UI are important points.

List of overseas exchanges where GTO can purchase

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