What is the crypto currency Student Coin (STC)? Explanation of the project and STC token

Student Coin (STC) is an educational token created by a university organization.

This project allows you to create and manage your own personal tokens, corporate tokens, and DeFi tokens.

We are already affiliated with more than 500 university organizations in more than 30 countries, and our main purpose is to tokenize those organizations.

Tokenization is extremely beneficial to businesses, startups and universities, and individuals.

A decentralized platform that enables unlimited crowdfunding.

Easy tokenization with StudentCoin!

The ecosystem built with Student Coin makes the task of tokenizing easy.

You can issue new tokens from the StudentCoin platform.

There is an STC terminal that you can use to issue your own tokens.

Issuing startup tokens and decentralized loan tokens can be done as easily as creating an account on SNS.

You can easily trade the created tokens, make cloud funds, and manage the tokens from a place called STC Exchange.

Tokenization is done with STC tokens, and anyone can stake STC and get dividends.

The STC token also serves as a template for creating new tokens.

Having an STC token means holding some of all the coins created by Equal StudentCoin.

I thought it was a project for educational institutions, but I think the name Student Coin is because it is supported by alliances with university organizations around the world (?).

Issuing tokens on the blockchain solves the problem that the hurdles are high for the general public, and I think it is good to recognize that it is a project to make it easy for anyone to issue and manage tokens like SNS. increase.

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