What is ANY(AnySwap)?

AnySwap is a decentralized cross A chain swap protocol, AnySwap currently supports four blockchains: Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Fusion and Fantom. AnySwap has some built-in features that make it stand out. It has an automatic pricing system and a liquidity system that allows users to create a fully functional DEX called Anyswap.exchange. It has been done since July 2020 and currently has a daily volume of about $ 10 million. In addition, liquidity is high because there are many liquidity providers such as users who provided liquidity to Hotbit.

AnySwap, using a distributed control rights management technology, it has been doing in the Fusion-based as a major block chain. Since Anyswap itself has no access to the user’s funds, this protocol allows for the exchange of tokens in a matter of seconds without risking the asset.
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, including the wrapped token, you can deposit any kind of token to AnySwap. Also, users can create a new pair, but this pair must be approved by the holder of the ANY token in the protocol so that it can be used by all other users. Once the pair is voted approved, it will be available.

Since AnySwap is a decentralized exchange, there is no orderbook and tokens are exchanged through the liquidity pool at the current global price. Liquidity providers may add or provide liquidity to any pair at any time. AnySwap stability and decentralization is maintained by the Anyswap working node selected by ANY holders.

About ANY tokens
ANY tokens are tokens within a protocol that manage the protocol. Currently, with a market capitalization of about $ 7 million, AnySwap is one of the lowest capped DeFi protocols on the market. The total supply was capped at 100 million tokens, with an initial supply of 15 million tokens. The developers did not pre-sale, distributed 10 million ANY tokens to the community, and provided an additional 5 million ANYs to the FSN / ANY liquidity pool. The remaining 85 million tokens will be distributed with the Fusion network block over the next four years. 50 million ANYs will be rewarded for activities such as providing liquidity, swapping and operating AnySwap nodes. 35 million will be reserved for the development team.

You can get ANY tokens for specific activities, and then you can vote with ANY tokens for new token pairs, node operator selection, protocol method rule changes, and more.

Additional Information
AnySwap may support all ERC-20 tokens and you can add a new pair by submitting a suggestion and voting. Currently, it supports all tokens (FSN, FTM, BNB, ETH) in the blockchain mentioned above. In addition, tokens such as USDT, LTC, LINK, DAI, OMG have been added to DEX. The exchange usage fee is 0.4% in addition to the normal gas fee of the selected blockchain, 0.3% is the reward for the liquidity provider and 0.1% is the reward for the AnySwap team.

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