What is FIDA (Bonfida) ?

FIDA (Bonfida) makes the project meaningful by providing a product that bridges the gap between the blockchain Solana used for projects Serum and Serum and the user base of Serum DEX (Distributed Exchange). explain. We also invite experienced human resources from FTX to develop.

Strengthen the Serum ecosystem

Bonfida’s platform, built on Serum’s GUI, will begin providing Solana’s data analytics to the ecosystem. The aim is to make Bonfida a one-stop solution for recreating prominent services on Ethereum’s DeFi ecosystem.

Bonfida’s API (Application Programming Interface) is currently used by several major crypto market makers and has recorded a usage increase of over 25% compared to last week.

In addition, FIDA is Bonfida’s native token, and it is expected that the holder will have various uses on the platform, including access rights to VIP functions.

Approximately 95% of the net fee on Bonfida is occupied by FIDA tokens, which are also used for token purchases and token burn initiatives like exchange tokens such as BNB and FTT.

Bonfida has opted for a relatively unusual approach to simultaneous trading on multiple exchanges. BitMax and FTX have previously jointly sold Serum (SRM), and will now be on sale at FTX’s decentralized trading platform, Serum.

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