What is Alien Worlds (TLM)? Explain the future! Future price forecasts and how to buy

What is TLM? Explain the features

TLM is a crypto currency that can be used in the game Alien worlds and is listed on Binance .

Once obtained at the Binance Launch pool. ( Just buy “BNB” or “BUSD” and stake it. )

Binance Launchpool is a function that you can get tokens just by depositing BNB and BUSD .

Description of Alien worlds

In the game called Alien World where you can use TLM, you can enjoy battles, renting land and increasing rent .

You can also mine TLM, and you can increase the crypto currency while playing the game .

The in-game item is an NFT, and you can also buy and sell it for profit.

What you can do with Alien Worlds (TLM)

Alien Worlds has 1 million users and is basically a TLM mining game.

Various functions will be added in the future. (It seems that you can mine without tokens)

Future potential of TLM and future price forecast

TLM hit a high of $ 10 after listing and has fallen since then, now around $ 0.17.

It is also a hot topic of DeFi and NFT brands recently, and there is a possibility that it will be exciting in the future .

I’m a little worried that the amount of currency issued is as high as 10 billion, but it may rise with the rise of NFTs .

About NFT items in Alien World

In Alien World, you can increase the reward for staking TLM by collecting NFT items .

NFT items can also be obtained while mining TLM .

* TLM is also given to users who have contributed to the development of the game (NFT items can be purchased with TLM)

NFT items also have cards

There are also cards as NFT items, and there are the following 6 types.Land on Planets, Tools, Weapons, Avatars, Minions, Artifacts

There are 6 levels of rarity such as Common and Rare, and the value varies depending on the rarity .

It has high value in Legendary etc. and can be bought and sold in TLM .

Card types and uses

The features of the 6 types of cards are as follows.

Necessary for miningTool (convenient tool)It is possible to find NFTs and improve mining efficiency.weaponUsed for fighting and battle functions. Has offensive and defensive power.AvatarRequired for gameplay. It becomes the user’s icon.Summoned beast (minion)Used in battle elements.

These can also be purchased in packs.

How to buy and buy TLM

TLM can be purchased at the popular exchange “Binance“, and the flow is as follows.

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